Carbon Steel Pipe Suitable for Industrial Applications

Carbon steel pipes are widely used in a number of industries across the globe for four main reasons:

Safe and Durable

Steel enjoys widespread use because of its durability,safety and low cost. Its durability can be extended by adding coatings that will inhibit rust and extending the life of the pipe in the application.

Carbon steel pipe is highly resistant to shock and vibration making it ideal to transport water and other fluids under roadways. The high-tensile strength in addition to its elasticity and ductility allow carbon steel pipes to be used safely under high-pressure conditions. Under abnormal loads, they will bend, not break.

Environment-Friendly Material

Carbon steel can be recycled. Each year more steel is recycled in North America than paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass combined. In principle it does not lose any strength on recycling, however in the re-melt process steps must be taken to remove contaminants bringing it back to its original chemistry.

Cost-Effective Solution

Carbon steel tubing and pipe have a long history dating back to before the industrial revolution as the preferred material for its high strength and low cost.  Steam boilers that generated electricity are constructed of steel pipe even the early locomotive is nothing more than a series of steel pipes and tube converting steam into motion.

Versatile Material

Carbon steel pipes can be made into many dimensions, bent to curve and fit anywhere they need to be. Joints, valves and other carbon steel pipe fittings are widely available. Most technicians are accustomed to working with carbon steel pipes. Joining techniques include threading, welding, flanging and grooving. Longer lengths of these pipes enable quicker and low-cost installations because of fewer joints.

Various Applications of Carbon Steel Pipes

Industries across the spectrum use carbon steel pipes in various forms and sizes. Buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines, and appliances are all made from steel.

Transporting water and waste water underground
Transporting sewage
Steel scaffolding and building foundations
Transporting oil & gas
Boiler and condenser tubes, transport steam
High-pressure applications
Chemical processing

High-Quality, Graded Carbon Steel Pipes

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