Inconel Tubes — Features and Applications

Inconel® is a registered trademark for a range of nickel-chromium super alloys. It can be hardened through solid solution or precipitation heat treatment depending on the alloy, and offers extremely high yield, tensile, creep-rupture properties and offers much better corrosion resistant properties.

KJ Tubing, Inc. offers buyers high-quality Inconel tube and pipes for various industrial applications. The alloy is mainly used in applications involving exposure to high temperatures in a corrosive environment. Inconel is able to withstand excessively high temperatures because of the high nickel content and its excellent corrosion properties are a result of alloying the nickel with other elements. e.g. Chrome and Molybdenum. While much more expensive that carbon steel some applications must use alloys such as Inconel because carbon steel would simply corrode away to nothing in these environments in a mater or minutes.

Inconel Composition and Elements

Inconel possesses excellent resistance to corrosion, heat and pressure due to its composition. Nickel helps prevent corrosion when exposed to acidic and alkaline substances and prevents surface cracking. The Chromium content of each Inconel tube helps it to withstand any oxidation from sulfur compounds. Molybdenum helps Inconel to resist pitting.

Industrial Applications of Inconel Tubes and Pipes

The physical and chemical properties of the alloy make it highly suitable for and sought after in numerous industries. These include:

High-Quality Inconel at KJ Tubing, Inc.

Inconel can be easily fabricated and welded making it an attractive choice for numerous industrial applications. KJ Tubing, Inc. offers many common grades as well as uncommon grades of Inconel tubes for varied uses. If you have any questions about the applications of Inconel, or any queries about the grade availability, give us a call at (440) 209-8871. Email us at to find out more about how Inconel use can benefit your business. Contact us to request an Inconel Tube quote today.