Inconel Tube and Pipe

KJ Tubing, Inc. offers seamless inconel tube and inconel pipe for many applications. Applicable inconel tube and inconel pipe ASTM standards very depending on the alloy and manufacturing process. See alloy and appicable standards below. We offer many of the common grades as well as the uncommon grades. Inconel tube is used in oxidation and corrosion resistant application and is well suited for service in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat. Inconel pipe high temperature strength is developed by solid solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening, depending on the alloy.



Alloy: 600 UNS N06600
Specification: ASTM B163, B166, B751, B775

Alloy: 601 UNS N06601
Specification: ASTM B167, B751, B775

Alloy: 625 UNS N06625
Specification: ASTM B444
Alloy: 718 UNS N07718

Specification: ASTM B983
Alloy: 800/800H/800HT UNS N08800/10/11
Specification: ASTM B407, B163, B358, B515

Alloy: 825 UNS N08825
Specification: ASTM B423, B163, B704, B705