Carbon Steel Pipe Applications

KJ Tubing, Inc offers welded and seamless carbon steel pipes for customers across a number of industries. We offer many common as well as uncommon grades of steel tubes.

Transporting Water

Carbon steel pipes are the ideal choice for transporting water, sewage, and other compatible fluids. Being highly resistant to shock or vibration, the fluctuating water pressure or shock pressure from a water hammer have no ill-effects on steel pipes. Heavy traffic conditions put much pressure on roadway foundations, making carbon steel pipes the primary choice when laying water pipelines under roadways.

Industrial Heating, Condensation, Steam

Carbon steel pipes are widely used in industrial processes involving high heat, extreme cold, or even transporting gases such as steam. Heating systems use thin-wall, straight bead, precision carbon steel pipes with a lower level of carbon content. A layer of zinc is applied to the outside of the pipe using heat treatment.

The pipes go through rigorous testing for use in closed heating systems, with or without antifreeze, and for dry and synthetic oil compressed air systems. Externally galvanized carbon steel pipes are used for circulating heating systems and internally galvanized carbon steel pipes are used for sprinkler and compressed air systems.

Automotive and Transport Applications

Carbon steel pipes are widely used in the automotive industry. They are especially ideal for conveyor belt idlers and lancing pipes.